Poetry – Lolita

by theeducatedderelicts

The following piece is a poetic deformance of Nabokov’s Lolita which I did for a performance at Uni. All the words are taken from either the novel, the Authors Note which follows in my version, or an interview with Nabokov. My intention here was to form the poem in a way that reflected both Humberts attitude to Lolita and Nabokovs perspective on language.


Lolita, light of my life, fire of my loins

Dear Mummy & Hummy – Dear Dad, hows

my sin, my soul   all

prohibited for     political reasons          the

double entendre of those    divergent legs

I’m having a time


Lo   Lee   Ta

my private tragedy

publication is to be deferred – the

European polysyllabics make a hard letter to write

the tip of the tongue taking a trip –      I’m going nuts –

of three steps down    into   this philistine vulgarity

this commonest pubescent slang – cut it out!


She was Lo, plain Lo (but it’s all very grand)

-pardon me for withholding

            in the morning, on

   the dotted line my hy

phenated heartbeat punctuated by    the ellipses of her lips


but in my arms she was     the exact demarcation

between sensuous and sensual – she was always



Please do send us a check Dad     –     precocious pet! Before her

allegorical advances I abandon

my natural idiom: you can’t see the morons for the smog


We could manage – she did (chews

gum vehemently, handles books gently) sacrifice

the felicity of a phrase: you might sell my old things

            indeed she did


The key in my hand looks rather like

a lock pick.    You can always count on a murderer

for a fancy prose style. And she:

aggressive   boisterous  critical distrustful/impatient/irritable/inquisitive/listless negativistic (underlined twice)and obstinate


Exhibit number one: Mrs Richard F. Schiller

            Look     at this tangle of thorns.



On a side note, the cover I’ve pictured here was designed by Derek McCalla for a competition – isn’t it stunning? Have a look at the other competition finalists here.