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by theeducatedderelicts

Take a look at Garance’s blog – another fabulous installment of her ‘Pardon My French’ short video series is up. Check it out to see glimpses behind the scenes at NYFW and to hear Diane Von Furstenberg’s recipe for ginger and lemon tea. I love how she comes across as so genuine on camera. Scott, over at The Sartorialist says “she’s just as charming in real life as she is in her writing”. I couldn’t agree more.

Oracle Fox has a round up of fantastic street style pics from London Fashion Week here. Don’t you love it when someone else filters out all the rubbish for you?

It had been a while since I’d checked in on one of my favourite sites, The Selby. I’m glad I did because the pictures of Otto and Monika’s Berlin apartment are great. I adore the riot of pots on their kitchen wall, and of course the iconic interview at the end. Most of their survey isn’t even in English, yet I still find more personality in this than I could get from a thousand photos.