by theeducatedderelicts

I’m having a brief infatuation with all things geometric. The shift into winter always pulls me in two directions: one, down the road of organic shapes, hobo knits, soft light and a sleepy atmosphere; the other, towards clean lines, edgy outfits, bright lips and high energy. I’m sure you’ll see more of the former as the mercury drops but for now, geometrics are having their moment in my mind.

This necklace is part of the stunning new range Thick as Thieves by New Zealand jewelry designer Kester Black. I have a feeling I might end up with one of these, and that it might end up wrapped around my wrist, bracelet style. The rest of the collection is pretty special too – check it out here.

This is from Australian label Gorman. I want the tights very badly. The exciting thing here is that Gorman have just opened their first ever New Zealand store, so all their wonderfully fun and colorful pieces are just a hop skip and paycheck away. See the rest here.

This bookshelf is fantastically simple, and works especially well with the striking bold ornaments. I have a slightly obsessive compulsive bent when it comes to symmetry so this is just ticking all the right boxes in my books. Have a look here.

These Celine shoes are a work of art. Art that belongs on my feet. That is all.