Top Four – April Mags

by theeducatedderelicts

I am a complete magazine nut. I buy far more than my student budget can accommodate, and have stacks of them rapidly reducing my room size. In anticipation of a day or two’s freedom, I thought I’d share with you some recent editions I’m loving.

I was so excited to see Claudia Schiffer on the cover of the new Marie Claire. I may have embarrassed myself in the supermarket with a slightly over-zealous dance around the mag stand. In my last post I claimed that Miranda Kerr was the most beautiful women in the world. Well I lied, she’s tying it with Claudia in my books. Which got me thinking that Claudia should really have a post of her own – keep an eye out.

Another satisfying read has been Yen Magazine’s Issue 55. There is always something in Yen to impress me; this month it was a feature on mood boards, a gorgeous interview with Jane Birkin and their featured guest illustrator, Stacey Rozich.

The new Donna Hay magazine’s main feature is caramel, but as usual it’s full up with edible joy. Like spiced ginger, cardamom and pomegranate syrup cake; fig, honey and vanilla tarte tat in; buttermilk crumpets with scrambled egg, pine mushrooms and crispy oregano. The picture on the cover is Rum and Date Cake with Caramel Sauce. In case you haven’t got the message yet:

And finally, Smith Journal. This is Frankie Magazine’s man-version, so of course I bought it for my boyfriend. I now wish I’d bought it for myself. Unfortunately as it’s at his house I’m struggling to remember names and places but there are beautiful bush-huts, old fashioned butchers diagrams, knitted sweaters galore, and lots of other things that shouldn’t just be for the boys. The aesthetic is masculine and refined, and like it’s sister it is very well written.

I read a lot of magazines so I’d love to hear your favorites too!