The Frost

by theeducatedderelicts

Winter is coming. Despite the fact that we’ve had more sun here in the last week that we had all summer, winter is well and truly on it’s way. There’s a chill in the evenings and yesterday frost dusted our lawn. Every year everybody complains about winter’s arrival, but I think it might just be my favorite season. So, here is a post of pictures and little notes to get all of us in the Southern Hemisphere excited about the coming cold. A few of the things I look forward to…

Winter clothes! Big fur coats, snuggly knits (I’ve bought three already), leather boots and scarves. I always feel like it’s easier to be fashionable in winter, being able to layer up and accessorise with scarves and socks. Speaking of, socks are probably the number one item I’m most looking forward to wearing….

Lovely lovely socks and scarves 🙂

Another reason to be excited: indoor activities. When the rain and wind are beating at the windows, you get to curl up in a blanket beside the fireplace and while away the weekends in a haze of good books and movies. The only thing you have to get up for is to make another hot chocolate, or serve the soup.

All the better if you can do so somewhere like this:

If all else fails know that in winter the intensity of the cold, of the dark, of the wind, reminds the world to be gloriously alive.

Thank you to the following places for these pictures:

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