Suit Up

by theeducatedderelicts

Long time no see compadres! Life has been crazy and every second of my spare time has been filtered into either study or procrastination. Fortunately, finally, the semester is over and life shall return (momentarily) to normal. You know what I look forward to most? Waking up with enough energy (and time) to put together a fantastic outfit. I do not plan to leave the house in a tee shirt and jeans once in the next month.

Something I’ve been thinking about recently is man-style-lady-suits. I like them. I am seeing them on people who look fierce and fashionable and whom I aspire to look like also. I particularly like that these people are making them modern with fun patterns, new shapes and textures and surprising little accessories.

This lovely lady is keeping it classic with the red lippy and smart hat. It works.

I’m also liking the use of a onesie instead of the traditional shirt and pant, and the wintry plaid print.

I love the bright color of this one,  and how the soft lines reference the current trend for pajamas-by-day. The sharp shouldered jacket smartens up the whole look. I love it.

Karen Walker’s done some beaut pieces, which you can buy online now. This lovely ensemble is one:

Check out the lovely sites from which I got these pictures: the first is Vanessa Jackman’s blog; the second two Streetpeeper; and the last the Karen Walker site.