Under the layers

by theeducatedderelicts

Is anyone else an avid Gossip Girl watcher? It never fails to spark some fashion-envy in me, and one of my favorite things is Blairs collection of beautiful slip, lingerie and robes. When the rain returns, I hope to be swanning around home in something small and sheer and black and beautiful – fortunately plenty such things have been catching my eye lately.

When it comes to undergarments I think the key is to opt for the subtly stylish rather than overtly sexy; ladylike rather than lewd. A beautiful lightweight robe, pajama shirt or soft knit will complete the look.

Local label Lonely Hearts are the NZ pioneers of lovely fashionable under-pieces. My favourites:

Australian label Hatsumi’s Laundry (discovered courtesy of KatherineIsAwesome) have also fast become favourites of mine.

And for an opulent pop of color, Ingrid Starnes has made some lovely pieces, some of which may be left if you get in quickly.